An immi package saves 70% of site induction costs. Increases induction performance by 4 times.

Immersive Site Safety Indictions (immi)

Comply with Health & Safety Regulations and Covid-19 restrictions
We build your immi induction within one month for only €10,000
Launch your immi to unlimited users
for €1000 per month or €10,000 per year

How it works

1. Send us your induction materials and the immi build fee

(this can include welcome, embedded training explainers and closing pre-recorded videos)

2. You will get access to your immi to collaborate and share as we build using your unique redeem code

3. When you are happy with your immi start paying the monthly €1000 subscription fee for unlimited users on mobile VR, 2D desktop and full VR headsets

We support you at every step of the way with 20 years of experience in building site inductions

immi supports multiple languages

Attend briefings from anywhere with live stream video. Embed video and whiteboard in mobile VR.


We build your unique briefing arena or provide a generic environment.
Costs only €5000 and a €1000 per month subscription when ready.
Live stream briefing cost €50 per hour.