Understand Immersity Better

Virtual Reality has been around for quite a while, and now with large investments in the gaming sector we at Immersity have been able to adopt the virtual and augmented reality software and hardware into a business and consumer platform solution.

Immersity | Virtual Reality Workplace Training

How is Immersity Different?

Unlike conventional approaches to virtual reality solutions, which are expensive, take a long time to develop, require expensive VR hardware and training,  and are single purposed becoming quickly out of date, Immersity offers the a completely different platform approach for rapid deployment of V-learning and V-experiences that are in the control of our customers, quick and easy to produce and can be used on any desktop, laptop or mobile device with or without VR hardware – a simple cardboard VR viewer is enough.

Immersity | Virtual Reality Workplace Training

How is Immersity Different?

Unlike conventional approaches to training, where knowledge is presented in a non-engaging manner, Immersity offers the opportunity for knowledge to be used and assessed in the intended working environment.


Traditional training methods are not able to measure individual and team effectiveness applied to the specific working environment, or to provide assurances that when improvement actions are required they are delivered acceptably and effectively.

Immersity provides a realistic training environment for people to enhance and assess their current knowledge. It enables individuals to recognise the importance of the training provided and identify and fix any gaps in their knowledge.


Immersity has a customisable, modular approach comprising of:


Use of standard smartphone & VR headsets


A library of typical training scenarios & assets


Simple user interface for a rapid immersive learning experience

With efficient use of time and effort, Immersity exploits experiences gained from industry practices and risks, thus offering a wide and comprehensive pool of knowledge to create a system that can be created, adapted and delivered in a phased schedule to meet client’s demands.

The Immersity solution is an easily deployed system designed for use in the workplace and retained by the client, with a low cost of operational support.